2023   PAM Awards 2023
Located on a sloping terrain amidst a picturesque forest backdrop and overlooking a valley basin within the Meru Valley golf resort in Ipoh, the design of the contemporary double-storey bungalow considers human interaction on various scales. Internally, the owners placed a significant emphasis on fostering close family ties, with bespoke spaces accommodating members of the first to third generations. Additionally, a separate yet easily accessible communal space is provided to host local community activities.
The design of the built environment, both inside and outside the dwelling, strongly reflects the principles of passive design philosophy.
Meticulous planning was employed to minimize disruption to the site's topography while incorporating external elements to naturally achieve thermal comfort without compromising on visual comfort and energy efficiency. Various passive thermal comfort strategies including an internal courtyard with generous fenestrations forming a double-layered facade, and a light box roof enclosure with measures to control direct daylighting, were adopted to create a desirable living space suitable for the tropical climate.
The atrium at the centre of the house, permits the abundant natural light to penetrate its interior

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