A private education group engaged A3 PROJECTS to conduct a feasibility study for a new Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) campus. The study involves the incorporation of a TVET institution, a learning/cultural center, and an international college facilities.
The project envisions a dense podium, efficiently utilizing the space for various purposes, including campus facilities, student lodging, retail areas, open spaces, and parking.
In line with Malaysia’s focus on TVET, the campus will be designed to equip students with practical skills, knowledge, and competencies aligned with industry needs. It will comprise an administration block, education block, open resources centre, life-long learning centre, commercial support, and student accommodation. The campus aims to provide a conducive environment for holistic education and skill development to meet the demands of the nation’s workforce.
The proposed campus is strategically located at the city centre, aiming to become an iconic presence in the urban fabric.

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