A mixed-use development spanning over 400 acres, situated within the radius from its coastal town center, the Betong Hills district.
It is a development of an idyllic hillside project offering scenic sea views and incorporating farmland, set amidst a tourism-oriented environment.
A new commercial area is situated between the proposed residential development and the existing commercial center, capitalizing on their connectivity. Small retail establishments cater to the immediate community’s needs, while mixed-use developments in the commercial district offer a distinctive identity and connect the area to the existing town center.
The design approach in the Betong Hills district prioritizes water and open spaces, making it predominantly residential in character.
A network of open spaces enhances the area’s appeal and establishes visual connections with the surrounding green areas. Pedestrian pathways play a central role in the development, with the main spine between the commercial district and residential development serving as a pedestrian and cycling link. The distribution of activities on the site aligns with both current and future conditions, reinforcing the district’s evolving nature.

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