2023   PAM Awards 2023
2023   Tatler Homes Design Awards 2023: Best Architectural Concept
This contemporary bungalow is situated on a land with sloping terrain, surrounded by a scenic forest backdrop and overlooking a valley basin within Meru Valley in Ipoh. While the focus was on fostering close family relationships, the owners also desired a residence that would stand out from conventional dwellings, incorporating design variation within a double-storey structure.
The expansive central hall contains an elaborate three-story sculptural staircase designed to manage the indoor atmosphere and serve as the central support for vertical circulation between various floors.
The passive design philosophy is evident in the meticulous planning of the built environment, aiming to minimize disruption to the site's topography while utilizing external elements to achieve thermal comfort without excessive energy consumption. Various passive techniques were used to attain thermal comfort and the use of skylights with deep ceilings for natural daylighting, were employed to create a comfortable living space suitable for the tropical climate.
The radiant 'pearly' skylight with its luminous quality, nestled amidst the spiral staircase, embellishes the atrium and impacts its spatial ambiance throughout the day.

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