A3 Projects
A3 Projects comprises a team of solution-seekers committed to enhancing the physical world for the betterment of all. Situated within our collaborative workshop and design hub in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur; we craft buildings, environments, blueprints, objects, and infrastructures. A3's focus centers on ambitious endeavours within global urban landscapes, prioritising those with substantial positive societal influence. Operating as practical innovators devoid of a singular aesthetic, our impetus is to create meaningful and captivating spaces that embrace and honour the intricacies of reality. Our guiding principle is to lead through human experience rather than rigid design doctrines.
Founders Ar. Kenny Chong and Ar. Ho Choon Sin hails from a background immersed in materials and craftsmanship. Their dedication to solving challenges have evolved into the current design approach of the studio where everyone is encouraged to challenge and contribute ideas. The studio's team, collaborative and practical, acts as partners; aiming to listen, question, and ultimately guide the conception and realisation of distinctive and unconventional places. Resourcefulness and insight are harnessed to produce projects that are viable, constructible, and sustainable. Our clients are integral, challenging our perspectives and collectively exploring often overlooked opportunities.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Arch Cubica Architects
Kenny Chong Architect
SINHO Architect
Arch Cubica Architects Sdn. Bhd. is an integral partner in collaboration with A3 Projects who actively engages with project teams to oversee the seamless execution of diverse architecture projects. They provide integrated architectural services fulfilling the clients' brief, adhering to the broader business objective. This multifaceted partner offers a broad spectrum of architectural services, ultimately facilitating the creation and successful delivery of architectural ventures.
At A3 Projects, our vision is to be at the forefront of a transformative movement in architecture. We see our role extending beyond architecture as we collaborate with diverse communities and stakeholders to address pressing societal changes where humanising spaces becomes a catalyst for positive urban change in the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.
Through innovation, creativity, and a deep understanding of our clients' aspirations, A3's mission is to transcend the traditional boundaries of architecture and design by continuously exploring niche design opportunities whilst standing firm in our central tenet of giving all projects a macro to micro level of attention.
Citigroup Data Centre | Frankfurt, Germany
Ropemaker Place | London, UK
Residential Development | Bermondsey, UK
Clay Farm Masterplan | Cambridge, UK
Spanish Tourist Office | London, UK
Baytree Centre | Brixton, UK
Mixed-Use Development | Hackney, UK
Masterplan Design | Waterford, Ireland (Winner)

Masterplan Design | Sligo, Ireland (Commendation)  
Spanish Chamber of Commercial | London, UK
Rail Station Redevelopment Masterplan | Euston, UK
Medical Centre Development | Harbin, China
Design for Kielder Observatory | Yorkshire, UK
Casa Bintang Residential Development | Ipoh, Malaysia
College Development | Brockenhurst, UK 
Mixed-Use Development | Woodbury Downs, UK
Design for Council Office Building | Bilbao, Spain
Banco Santander Headquarters | Madrid, Spain
Exemplars for Schools | Kent, UK
Refurbishment Works to Trellick Tower | East London, UK
Affordable Housing Development | Rotherhite, London
Regeneration of East India Estate | London, UK
Leopold Estate | London, UK
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