The objective was to transform the existing nostalgic architectural legacy into a comprehensive funeral parlour that facilitates the journey of the deceased from this life to the next. This funeral parlour serves as a gathering place for both the grieving and the deceased before parting ways in their journey of life. Behind the scenes, there is a sophisticated level of care and professional supervision, supported by a variety of funerary-related facilities.
The original Rex building in the 1960s.
The building's design physically embodies the Buddhist concept of 'Trailokya' In Buddhist cosmology, this journey begins in the realm of form and base desires leading to the middle realm of elevated consciousness, and finally culminates in the realm of enlightenment and rebirth. As visitors approach through the loud and constrained entry hall, they progress into a pure and solemn rectangular form in the main hall. Existing circular openings draw in natural light, creating a serene and subdued atmosphere further complemented by the use of muted materials.
The transformation of the old REX Cinema's existing volumes is a representation of this journey.

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