The proposed site is situated a few kilometers away from the town. Covering an area of 3 acres, it is positioned right alongside a river, which serves as an essential transportation system for the local community's daily activities and tourism.
The community village is divided into three main zones: education, commercial, and tourism. It includes facilities which are geared towards catering to the community village's diverse functions.
The project aims to develop a community village that caters to both locals and tourists. This optimal location by the river bay allows the community village to become an iconic landmark that complements with the surrounding environment. The town's distinctive socio-economic activities such as plantations, traditional food production, shipyards, and bamboo weaving have contributed to its reputation as a weekend getaway for both locals and tourists. The village hub is designed to create a self-sustaining business model, encouraging the active involvement of residents in various aspects to boost the local economy and provide employment opportunities.

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