The project's brief involved designing a private family home in Meru Valley, Ipoh, renowned for its mountainous landscape and natural surroundings. Positioned within a valley, the house enjoys stunning views of the Titiwangsa mountain range to the West and Northwest, complemented by the surrounding forest reserves.
An overview of the Meru House located in Meru Valley, Ipoh
The house design prioritizes sustainability, incorporating a wind catcher to create negative and positive pressure, facilitating passive ventilation through the stack effect. Additionally, an on-site rainwater harvesting system captures monsoon rainfall. To suit the tropical rainstorms, the home utilizes courtyards, deep recessed spaces, and various volumes.
Walnut-veneered helical stairs with a ribbon-like handrail spiral through a central double-height void
The triangular site inspired an interconnected block design, creating open courtyards within living, dining, and family spaces, all embraced by outdoor gardens. The living area stands as a separate pavilion, adjoining a bamboo garden and central courtyard, seamlessly blending interior and exterior spaces. The grand dining hall is well-lit with skylights and has automatic blackout blinds for control. The upper floors house family spaces and three en-suite bedrooms, featuring captivating level changes and volumes. Two loft bedrooms occupy the top level, discreetly nestled within the floating barn roof's pitch.

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