Woodhouse Road, London

Specification of materials are of low carbon footprint, with low impact to environment. Commitment to design with less greenhouse gas emissions.

This is a full refurbishment project of a 2 storey Victorian house which was in a dilapidated condition and previously converted various compartmented rooms. The project was approached by putting it back to original state, reinstating the fire place, recreating the heart of house and most importantly recreating the once Victorian feel of the house. Due to tight budget, the existing old wood furniture were recycled, reupholstered with new striking colour fabrics and sanded down and repainted. On top of these, Victorian banisters and doors were used to make them as new pieces. The refurbishment is further enhanced by the use of contemporary lighting design to create a different ambience to the interior, together with repaint hint of modern classic being reflected in the content, fittings, colour and texture being used.